Location Oia caldera

The complex LA CASA DE CALDERA is located in the beautiful Oia which is considered the most beautiful village of Santorini. Characteristic of Oia is that it combines the traditional Cycladic beauty with the distinctive aristocratic look that gives it the neoclassical mansions and the preservable captains with their special architecture.

Oia or Epano Meria, as the locals call it, is located on the north side of Santorini and is 11 km away. From Fira. It is the first settlement of Greece that was characterized preserved. There are many shipowners from Oia and it was the place where the captains live. That’s why we come across the famous captains that stand out for their special architecture. They have influences from Europe and especially Italy and have incorporated the elements of Theraic architecture. Like vaulted ceilings and decoration with volcanic stones.  Another characteristic of Oia is the cave settlement, i.e. the houses-caves, which are dug in levels on the cliff of the caldera and are responsible for the unique physiognomy of the settlement. Despite the tourist development the region maintains its traditional color and therefore attracts the visitors of the island.

In the picturesque streets of Oia you will find many tourist shops, cafes and restaurants. During your stay in Oia you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most photographed spectacle of Santorini. The famous Sunset!!! See the Sun sink in the Bay of Oia! Experience memorable!!!